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Barnard's Mill Art Museum

Barnard’s Mill Art Museum is a facility owned by the Somervell History
Foundation. The Art  Museum is a part of the historic Barnard's Mill,
the first permanent structure in the Glen Rose area. The oldest part
was completed in 1860 and the newest part, containing the museum,
was completed 60 years ago.


The museum building was a gift presented to the Foundation. In 2007,
Mr. Richard H. Moore, Jr. made this wonderful gift possible.  Mr. Moore, a native Texan, was born in Ft Worth and graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Art and Law. His life has been filled with the arts and the legal profession. In 1979, he purchased Barnard’s Mill Complex and began a seven-year restoration program on the mill, the cotton gin and the Marks-English Hospital Building.


The restoration was completed in 1982 and he moved to Glen Rose where he made the complex his  permanent home.

In 2007, the Foundation was

named recipient of the Mill
Complex and Mr. Moore moved
back to the city of his childhood.
He often visits Glen Rose,
Barnard’s Mill and the Art


Today Mr. Moore houses his fine
collection of art and the collection
of the Jewell Miears Fielder
Foundation, Inc. within the
Barnard’s Mill Art Museum. Both
are lifetime collections of fine art and accessible to the public for their viewing enjoyment. The museum contains works from Jewell Miears Fielder, Amy Miears Jackson, Robert Summers, Jack Bryant, R. Kleinfelder, Morris Henry Hobbs and many others, as well as, Oriental and American Indian art and artifacts.


The Mill has been on the State Register of Historical Places for over 25 years and in 1982 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In May 2010, the Texas Historical Commission designated Barnard's Mill and Art Museum as a State Archeological Landmark. On September 12, 2010, Barnard's Mill received the prestigious Colonial Lady Historical Marker from the Texas State Colonial Dames 17th Century.



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