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First Family of Glen Rose

Charles Barnard, who founded Glen Rose on the Paluxy River, was
an educated New Englander who came to the Republic of Texas in
1843. There he joined his older brother George in the operation of
Indian trading posts beyond the advancing white frontier. Well liked
by the tribesmen for their fairness, they prospered, bartering civilized
goods for things like fur pelts and deer and buffalo hides.


One very special item for which they bartered successfully was a spirited, intelligent young captive of the Comanche - Jauna Cavasos, the daughter of a wealthy land-owning family of South Texas and Northern Mexico. Charles and the ransomed girl fell in love, were married in 1848, and
spent the following decade at a
trading post on the Brazos River in
present Hood County, a few miles
north of the Paluxy. Juana proved to
be not only a competent trader
herself but an outstanding mother,
horsewoman, herbal doctor, and
neighborhood midwife. Robert
Summer's evocative sculpture
captures the couple during this
active, happy time.


After trading was ended in the late
1850's by the official removal of
most Texas Indians to reservations,
Charles bought land on the Paluxy and built a home and a stone gristmill, the nucleus for a community called Barnard's Mill, later renamed Glen Rose. The Mill, still standing today, ground settlers' corn and wheat and served as a refuge and fortress from them during a period of frequent raids by untamed Comanches and Kiowas. Many tales have come down from that era.


But Juana and Charles grew homesick, and in 1870 moved back to the old trading post on the Brazos, where they were ultimately joined by Juana's twin brother Juan, who happened upon her while driving a herd up the Chisholm Trail and later returned to farm and ranch and raise his own family nearby. In that setting the Barnards spent their remaining years, legendary in their time and place, surrounded and honored by family and friends.




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